Pending Job + Movie

Gonna rush with few designs for my church upcoming event, happening in July 29th here in Shah Alam. What event? I’ll tell you more about this as soon as I done with those flyer and poster. I need to complete at least 2 more designs before I show them to the event committee this week.

Let’s do it.

A multimedia presentation for my good friend’s wedding is still pending. Aiseh. No big deal in preparing a good story board. Just that the ideas. Sigh. The problem is, they always come in last minute. That’s why I’m running out of time, sometimes. Give me 2 more weeks to complete this. I promise.

Don’t watch this movie in cinema. The storyline quite okay but the picture and the sound quality so terrible i tell you. Not worth it. Believe me. I suggest, just buy a cd and watch at home. I should have watched Wild Hogs last Saturday.

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  1. Wild Hogs the most histerical film I ever watch. Crazy joke, wonderful actors, the funniest antogonist ever exist the history of film making…!! You just keep laughing from beginning till the end!

    Me : I’m gonna watch it soon. Huhuhuuuuu.

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