Four Months and Still Counting

It’s been four months working here. I still remember the day I got this job. The HR was unable to get me coz that time I was on my holiday in Jakarta for 8 days. I can’t receive any call due to my prepaid insufficient fund to accept roaming calls. I can only receive SMS. The HR tried called my mom’s hp number asking me to return his call to confirm the job. No return call means I reject the offer. By the way, I have no idea from where he got my mom’s number. Oh, maybe from the application form I wrote months before, I can’t remember.

When I received my mom’s SMS regarding that news, I was like.. 😐 . Whether to reject or to accept the good offer. I prayed for that. I said to myself… “God’s will”. Jehovah Jireh! I know He’ll provide.

Soon after my holiday, I called them and yes, they still keep my record. Thank God I’ve made up my mind. I started working here after 1 month’s notice. Anyway, I’m so thankful to have an understanding boss and friend who gave me full support before she lets me go. Thanks for those advices, Jenny. I really appreciate that. I will always remember.

So far, I like this place. Silent and peace environment. But, more lenglui than lengchai in my department. I don’t understand why. The ratio is 1: 5.

My new family
With my new colleagues in IT Department

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  1. Cute Lengchai in the front row, third from left. Still single, ah?

    Me: Bro, stop watching BrokeBack Mountain.. k? Not healthy. 😛

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