Gmail, I’m Lovin It.

I got a lot of email accounts (yea, more than 5 emails for me is a lot) and all of them serve different purposes. Besides using Thunderbird as my primary email client, now I know how I can fully utilize my Gmail account to send email to anyone using different ids. Means I can set my outgoing as any of my email addresses.


Adding Emails to Gmail

Since I do check my Gmail regularly, I set forwarder to every email accounts I have to it. By using this method, I don’t have to waste my time log in to each of my email accounts even there’s no new email that particular time. That’s what I do all this while, but I never know that we can directly reply from Gmail using any of my email addresses! Ohh. I bet you guys know earlier than me, right? Huhu… I should explore the settings before. 🙁

Multiple Outgoing Emails in Gmail

What else can ‘a’ Gmail do? Do let me know. I’m lovin’ it.

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  1. I have gmail account, but usually use outlook to check the mail. hehe, I am also dont know these setting o..

    Me : Ya, you can POP gmail using any email clients.. that’s cool. Means u do the other way round. Haha.

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