My New Baby RBX270

Almost a week, no updates. I was so busy with few ‘high priority’ task and I’ve just submitted 2 of my pending work minutes ago. So now I can smell freedom. A bit. Yeah.

I have good news! I bought a 4-string bass guitar last Sunday.. yay! After waiting for so long (due to financial illness), finally got my baby RBX270 from Yamaha even though I was planning to get an RBX374 which is above my budget. Maybe I’ll get better one next time, after getting more serious in playing funky thingy. Seriously, I’m quite happy with this RBX270. With split and single coil bar pickups, the bass able to produce awesome tones and sounds compared to others within the same range. Hey, not bad. There are 3 knobs for pickups control: Master Volume, Master Tone and Pickups Balance. Oh.. I will get a bass amp next month.. can’t wait anymore.

Wooo.. Yamaha mari.

My Bass

The Metallic Mist Raspberry on the body making it even sexier..

Full Body Bass

This is only the beginning.. 🙂

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  1. power la cip..bole buat lauk..

    Me : Lauk sambal campur cicaluk goreng masin. Wanna try? heh!

  2. First of all, thx for visiting my site… And nice instrument… Juz wanted to tell you about my guitar tuner… Go visit my site for more info k.. Have fun…

    Me : Yo Andrew. Thanx. Ya, I’ve downloaded the tuner. Cool!

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