Exabytes Prize Received!

In my previous post, I did mention about the Exabytes’ email saying that I’ve won the contest. No joke. It’s stated in their blog.

Yeah. After I received their phone call (to confirm my mailing address), in 4 days I got a parcel from Pos Malaysia. Let’s see:

Exabytes Parcel
Yeehaa! My 27th Birthday Present.

Come closer a bit, larr

Exabytes Box Zoom
From Exabytes.Com.My to Andy Saedah.

There’s an advertisement on the box – 300GB EBiz Gold Hosting Plan. Marketing Strategy.

I was hoping that, there’s no bomb inside. Who knows, right?

Logitech Cordless Keyboard and Mouse Box
Logitech Cordless Internet Pro Desktop Black

Tadaaaa… No Bomb. In the box : 1 Cordless Keyboard, 1 Cordless Mouse, 1 USB Receiver and 4 Duracell Alkaline Batteries.

Logitech Cordless Internet Pro Desktop Black
What You See Is What I Got.

It’s not the latest model from Logitech, friend. But where can you get these stuffs for F.REE? Great! Now I can go wireless with my new cordless mouse and keyboard for the first time. Thanks again Exabytes!

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  1. way to go man… but geeze, even the prize also not spared from their ads…

    [Me : Thanks man. Haha. U’re right. That’s normal, eh?]

  2. One thing I don’t like wireless keyboard/mouse is they require batteries to operate. When the batteries going low, they will not functional anymore. But anyway, congrats dude. 🙂

    [Me : Yes. That’s absolutely true. No batteries, No function. Nways, thanks bro.]

  3. Congratz on winning! 🙂
    yeah, I agree…. where can one get these for free? heheheh….

    [Me : Haha! Check Mate! F.REE stuff doesn’t mean.. No Quality. Hehe.]

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