The “Notebook Surgeon” did not manage to save my Travelmate. Something wrong with the motherboard but it’s too obsolete for a replacement. Better not.

Ah, I knew that earlier before i went to Low Yat that day to pick up the notebook. It was correctly predicted by Bendawos as well.


So long.. Goodbye my 5 Year old machine. You’ve served me well for years! You are the best so far.

TravelMate 290

Now, I need to get a new machine for myself. Yes, I’ll get one from the same family, the Acer Family. The memories still remain, for sure.

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  1. kali nie, betul2 U-BUNTU

    [Me : Hahahaha. Different cara nya BUNTU]

  2. Goodbye, sayonara, farewell…

    I say it’s time for a Dell, though.

    [Me : Dell ka? Sik kali. ]

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