My TravelMate..

.. is dead. Erm, I suspect something to do with the internal hardware coz it hangs during bios startup. I was not be able to figure out the problem, so i went to Low Yat Plaza yesterday afternoon to look for someone who can help me with this. Then later I met Mr Raj, a “Notebook Surgeon” from Pakistan. After telling him the problem, he took my laptop for checking..

My TravelMate

My TravelMate in the Operating Theatre

Mr Raj in ActionSo “fast & furious”.

And within 1 minute, my TravelMate became like this..

The TravelMateThis is not rubbish, okay!

Raj then started to test the motherboard with his gadgets (bios, transistor, capasitor, LED.. huh.. you just name it).  I saw everything in LIVE! Then he started to solder, to suck, to remove, to replace the i-dont-know-what.

Man at WorkReplacing the “chip”.

I waited for about 1.5 hours to see miracles but nothing happen to this 5 years old laptop. I said to him, I need to go so I left the laptop (except for my hardisk). I said i’ll be coming today (sunday) to pick it up – in any condition. Sigh.


Just carry on, Raj. Do whatever you can. I have no problem with it. I’ll be coming this evening.

Update 1 (23 June 2009 ) : I haven’t pick up the laptop yet. 😀

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  1. Hahaha… I would like to know the update bro. Don’t forget to update your blog after you get your laptop.

    [ Me : Haha. Okies, bro. Life without the machine makes me sleep early every night. ]

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