Part 2 : Trip to Sabah

After 2 days in Sandakan, we straight away went to Keningau – ila’s Kampung Tohan Baru.

On the way

The journey took about 2.5 hours drive, from Kota Kinabalu International Airport to the kampung. The taxi fare cost RM30 per head, and there were 3 of us.

Kampung Tohan Baru

Oh yeah, I spent my 3 days in Keningau doing almost everything the kampung people does everyday, especially the youngsters. Watched them climbing coconut trees and do the plucking .. like this..

Pluck the coconut

… and Apon also did his job. What else? The coconut juice, of course. 😀

Apon in action

Pre-Caution: The coconut might fall on the head. May cause drowsiness.

In the evening before the Sepak Takraw session, I joined the veterans in the ‘coffee house’. Ya, you’re absolutely right. Politics! 🙂

The veterans

Again, i must say it was an enjoyable  stay in Keningau. A wonderful family i have here makes me feel like home. Miss them so much. Till we meet again.

Eh! Not to forget the chick..

The chick

Yes, the real chick.  Looking for the mum.

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