Everyday is a brand new day

It’s already 29th December 2009. Few more days to go before new year and I’ll be at home this whole week. I’ll be back to work on the 5th Jan! Woooot. Gud life.

Actually there are few task to be done during my holiday, mostly something to do with freelance work. So at least I have the purpose staying at home besides sleeping, surfing and playing xbox.  I’ve been thinking to work on my own one day, ermm maybe I’m still waiting for the right time and God’s will. I’m sure He’ll provide everything before i travel to the moon. I just want to believe.

This morning, when I clean up my room i saw 2 books I bought early this year in Kuching. Owh, i don’t have the time reading them so i think i will start reading them soon. Yes. These going to be my personal intro for year 2010!

Books to read

God bless all! Have fun coz everyday is a brand new day.

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