Eye Laser & Me

To be frank, I really hate this eye treatment since day 1 after my right eye operation due to retinal detachment. Oh, can I have that quick recovery power just like Wolverine in X-Men? I wish.

The first operation was last year, August 2009. And now its already October 2010 and I’m still under treatment. Yeah, my right eye not 100% recovered. Only God knows when and I believe, HE has fixed the perfect time for me. I believe.

Other than that, I’m broke. Hundred bucks per visit definitely not a small amount of money for me. I worked very hard for a single cent.

Oh, this is my first live blogging brought to you by THONEH (Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital), powered by Blackberry baby. 🙂


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  1. How is the work environment at THONEH? Can you get me the contact details of any resident doctor working at THONEH?

    Best Regards,

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