My Bluetooth Game Controller

That day jalan-jalan area SS2 PJ during lunch time singgah masuk kedai accesories gadget coz rasa tertarik to see the shop from the outside. Teringin mau masuk dalam. Lotsa accessories: mobile stuffs especially. Ingatkan mau look around saja. Jangan haraplah. I end-up beli Bluetooth Game Controller .

After work, sampai rumah apa tunggu lagi. Testing dulu. At first the controller not able to connect with my Phone. I can’t find the device in my phone bluetooth list. The LED was there blinking, but no connection. I read the manual, hmm.. China mari.

Ah, sudah. Rugi duit.

Next, what I did was – cuba charge the controller. I biar sampai 2 jam charging, in the meantime hoping for miracle. Then try lagi. Yes! Berjaya connect. Bateri kurang power rupanya. Phew.

Masa untuk Asphalt 8 yo!

Although I’m not a hardcore gamer (casual saja) but for me, main Asphalt using controller memang layan-lah. Serious. Even tadi sempat 2-3 round.

Bluetooth Game Controller + My Old Mi3

Oh ya, just in case you guys wondering, the controller doesn’t work with Mobile Legend. I can move my hero but none of the button on the controller can be used to attack. I have to press from my hp screen. Pelik.

Ok lah, that’s all for now, readers. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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