My E398 and Motorola

My handphone got problem when it goes for charging. I need to roll the charger cable around my phone, twist it here and there before it can be perfectly charged.  Now the phone is getting worst and depends on the ‘mood’. Last night I took about 5 minutes to hold the charger pin and gently put it on the floor to charge.

Charging Phone

I know a few of my friends using this E398 model and they face the same problem too, but not as worse as mine. I see the pin connector for this model is a bit loose.


No doubt this is the best phone I ever had and I’ve been using it for 2 years ++. I can easily upgrade and downgrade the phone firmware and in fact I did that for few times already. Now I have installed the default ones to maintain the battery life.

I have few Motorola phones since 1999. I’m a Motorola fan, to be honest. I don’t really care when people said I’m an outdated phone collector. Who cares? I believe in brand loyalty.

Motorola Collection

My Motorola collection. These are 4 of 6 handphones that I have in Shah Alam currently. Two more phones in my hometown and they are all working with ‘zero’ problem.

I’m still aiming for the next walkman phone, (again) by Motorola..

 Motorola E2 ROKR

E2 ROKR! I will buy this before I go for PDA phone. Hmmm.

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  1. bro, change to use SE la, no regret 😀

    Me: Bro, you use SE already, ah? Walao.. 😛

  2. I have exactly the same prob when I used that phone..

    I wonder why ey?

    And ya, change to SE like calvin suggested.. no regrets

    Me: Too much of SE.. Heheh.

  3. I have to say, E398 was the finest thing Motorola ever made. I’m pretty happy with their product (yeh, you’ve guessed it right, I’m a Moto E398 user myself). The charger issue is normal I guess. There have been discussions about it on MotoModders forum as well I believe. I managed to get out of it by purchasing a crappy charger (unbranded) and it seems to be working well (LOL). I guess there are times when pirated or should I say ciplak items comes in handy ay 😉

    Me: Ya, It ROCKS i must say. Hey, the charging thingy works well with unbranded charger? Oh my.. should i buy one?

  4. cip i like E2 ROKR, how much is it? i wanna hv one too..let me know ya! thanks..

    Me: About RM800? Moto rules.

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