What’s in My Post Box?

I found a long white envelope in my post box. A letter for me! Yey! To be frank, I seldom receive letter from anybody other than the CIMB bank and Public Bank (my bank statement.. heheh)


A surprise for me eh? Guest what’s inside.

Sticker Zoom Out

A sticker from ITTutor.Net!

ITTutor.Net is one of the Malaysian community forum with Bahasa Melayu medium – a discussion zone for all IT topics :- operating system, multimedia, hardware, software, networking, security, programming, designs etc. Here is where the newbie and the expert meet for question and answer session.

The founder Faris, is giving this sticker to all ITTutor.Net paid members and I’m one of them! A passive (read: inactive) forumer like me also can get one. Honestly, I didn’t expect this, but.. Thanks!

Let’s come closer..

Sticker Zoom In

Nice sticker, Faris. Thanks again!

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