I’m Back and It’s Monday.


First day of the working week. Monday.

Serious, man.. these few months I’ve been thinking ‘quite‘ positive in every single thing i do. I’m trying to reformat my mindset towards better living, better mood and better productivity (read : work).

Yea, when you keep on saying… “Alamak! lazy la today…..” or “Haiyo!! tomorrow working already lorrr..“, then.. you’ll be like what you have just said.

So Andy.. keep on being positive. Say “I Like Monday… I Like Monday..” coz everyday is a brand new day.. not only Friday.. OK!

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  1. Correct. And this days I adjust everything possible from sleeping hour to meal hour… Makes me feel more energy toward everything too…

    [Me : At least you have that eating spirit. Hmm, “quite” positive tooo… sometimes.]

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