The Parkia Speciosa..

or better known as “Petaiis very popular in southern Thailand, Indonesia and we Malaysian should know one. I have a friend who loves to eat petai with the sambal. To be frank, i don’t like petai coz i don’t like the smell. No thank you. Really terrible I tell you. But I do like durians & tempoyak. Heh.

I’m so surprise when i read the 19 wonders of Petai in that blog.


It can help:

1. Depression
2. PMS
3. Anemia
4. Blood Pressure
5. Brain Power
6. Constipation
7. Hangovers
8. Heartburn
9. Morning Sickness
10. Mosquito Bites
11. Nerves
12. Overweight
13. Ulcers
14. Temperature Control
15. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
16. Smoking
17. Stress
18. Strokes
19. Warts

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Wanna try some? No pills, no drugs. Just “Petai”.


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  1. Things that’s not nice often help the most, as in chinese saying la… 😛 I don’t like it too, yes the smell and I like durian too… Now we got gang 😆

    [Me : Yeah! we go ‘belasah’ few biji lorr.. ]

  2. I think i have an old tree on my farm which has that. Any other types that can benefit the health? Useful post. Thanks.

    [Me : So, eat petai.. good for health]

  3. Hi Andy! mmmm petai! Love it. Funny how when I was a little boy I don’t like stuff like this. Now I’m so far away from home, I enjoy smelly food like petai. Tasty even on its own, does horrible things to your breath though.

  4. After posting that post about petai, I still don’t have the courage to try petai, even until now! LOL.. Still don’t like the taste bah.. haha..

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