Wohooo! Today is my 27th birthday. Goin to be an old man already. Good Life!

I received lots of birthday wishes yesterday.. through SMS and phone calls. Even my long lost friend also still remember my birthdate! Huhu.. Thanks all!

I think I need to thank Friendster for reminding “some” of them. Most of them, perhaps? Thanks for helping!

Happy Birthday Andy!

Happy Birthday, Andy. I really thank God for all the things He has done in my life. Yea.

p/s: Hey reader. Wish me a bit lar.

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  1. Because there is no one wishing you good luck here, so I be the one. Happy birthday dude. Although it is late.

    [Me : Thanks! You’re the man! Yalah. Frens of mine still prefer friendster. And my blog doesn’t influence anybody, ho? Hehe.]

  2. selamat ari tua… sungguh x aci exabyte.. aku masuk sejak 2002.. x pernah dapat apa2 pung… memang depa x aci.. muahahahaha.. ok aku nak tanyer khabar.. sudah ko tanam ker notebook ko tu.. lupa pulak aku nak mintak charger dia?

    [Me : Baru nak ucap. Like this ka, fren?]

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