Transfer your files using FireFTP, a Firefox extension

I was desperately looking for a standalone FTP client last few days coz I misplaced my thumbdrive (where I installed my Portable Filezilla). Plus, I do not have the priviledge to install any software/freewares in my machine which I currently using right now.

Argh, need to upload few urgent thing for printing. I asked Mr Google and I found FireFTP, a Firefox extension.


What can I say? It’s a great tool, simple, fast and you can even do the file transfer in the browser tab. Quite useful and efficient, eh? If you are a Firefox user and uses FTP client for your daily work, maybe you need to consider FireFTP.

So far based on my experience, I think Filezilla is still the best FTP client for me. And now maybe I’ll treat FireFTP as an alternative for my Firefox version.

Download and Try? Or consider a donation.

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  1. I used them back 2 years ago… Damn nice to use, and no additional software to install 😛 It just got what it should for a http://FTP... Nice one…

    [Me : Yea. Gud for a backup.. in case of emergency. :D]

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