Oh.. this is funny

Came across this clip via youtube. Watch it!

The baby so serious one when he saw the brother’s mouth bleeding. Even the daddy also can’t tahan laughing. Haha! Funny.[tags]baby blood, youtube, funny[/tags]


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  1. The expression on the kids face when he said blood was very funny! Was laughing like crazy here lol!

    [Me : Yalar.. the expression.. Funny. Haha.]

  2. Not funny.. Not funny… and lastly he shouted. That part I laugh till my friends infront my door heard me. lol…

    [Me ; Coz its FUNNY! Hahaha!]

  3. hahaha…lawaklah cip. baru ku nangga tok. Thanks to Emma sbb nya madah pasal tok.hehehe..:)

    [Me : Yalah. Bagus jugak emma untuk mem”promo” blog aku tok. Kelak aku belanjanya satu cucuk sate. Heheh! Bloodd… Bloooddd! Not funny! ]

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