My New Gadget GW-US54GD

See what i bought from All IT Hypermarket at Low Yat Plaza last few weeks. Yeah.. a Wireless LAN USB Adapter with Wi-Fi Detector. My new gadget for this year.


A first, i thought wanna buy a basic WLAN USB Adapter but when i saw this PCI brand and its “extra” function (Wi-Fi Detector), I finally change my mind. Why not pay RM89 for that extra features. A D-Link WLAN Dongle costs me around RM75, if i’m not mistaken. Only a bit cheaper, ya?

Additional Info : GW-US54GD uses Zydas ZD1211 chipset.

What’s in the box?


A manual book and warranty card, cd driver, a usb cable and strap.

Na na na..


I’m not going to explain more on the specs, but you can always read it HERE.

Yay! Now i can search for wireless connection using GW-US54GD. Hope i could find as many unsecure connections here in Shah Alam. 😀 I wish.

Hmm, just push the button and it will detect the nearest access points, with strength indicator, both secure and unsecure connections. Yes, the device uses built-in rechargeable battery. Plug it into your USB slot to charge.

Oh ya, it supports Linux too. But I haven’t try yet. Maybe in my next post (not a promise).

Go wireless!

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