Building a Website for Mafia Gang

I chatted with a friend of mine via MSN two days ago. At first i don’t wanna blog about it but now.. I think i should!

Here are part of the conversation (taken from my MSN history folder).. Unedited version.

Friend : you part time doing website ?
Me : yaa
Me : 😀
Me : why
Friend : actually i have friends want to do…
Me : oo
Me : do website?
Friend : yup …
Friend : website
Friend : but they want a gambling website..
Me : waa
Friend : not legal one lar …
Friend : r u interested??
Me : haha
Friend : my friend is consider like mafia geng
Friend : if u r not interested …nvm it’s ok …
Me : gambling site, i dun do worr
Me 🙂
Friend : then it’s ok …
Friend : just forget about our conversation ….
Me : sorry bro!
Friend : woke.. np

Let me highlight this statement once again.. “….my friend is consider like mafia geng

Gila larr.. In case those “Mafia” kena tangkap one day..

Police : Tell me! Who develop the website for you?!
Mafia : His name is Andy. You can go to his blog at www.andysaedah.com

Huh… So scary worrrr…. I’m not going to the jail, of course..!

Huh. Better not.

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  1. Pergh!Dalam diam2 ah….cayalah Andy oit! Hew hew hew…

    Godfather Jr eh?

    [Me : It’s not easy to be me..]

  2. Hello and once again I want to thank you for stopping by. For those of you that don’t know, I am originally from Ontario, California a newly developed city 36 miles East of Los Angeles. True, there are a few gangs in Ontario, but nothing like LA. None the less, moving from Ontario to LA was quite a culture shock, seeing and experiencing things you only see on T.V. or read on the news. It opened my eyes to a new awareness of what really goes on in the hood.

    I remember visiting out of town and talking with people about LA. All they all would ask is, “How can you live out there?” I would say, “Man, old people and kids live out there even white people. It isn’t what you think, plus I mind my own business and don’t hang out like I have nothing to do.” After answering the question one too many times, something hit me and that was the idea of making a documentary. That way instead of telling people repeatedly, I could show them what its like living in the so called hood.

    Keep in mind, it took over 6 years to gather all the footage I had to have to make this documentary. So its not like mayhem is going on all day, every day. Its actually pretty peaceful for the most part. I just feel like one death is too many when it comes to senseless crimes in the inner cities of America. So, I decided to make a documentary.

    I admit it seemed a little far fetched and almost impossible to do, but I was determined to get the job done. After all, my whole life, I would hear the same old saying, “You can do anything if you try hard enough”, therefore I did just that, investing a little money and alot of time, creativity, drive and passion. I would stay up for days learning how to edit using Final Cut Pro and go to the Apple store at the Grove in LA, sitting in on editing classes they’d give for free, take notes and apply that knowledge to what I’d already learned on my own, resulting in the making of my movie, which I am proud to present today, OUTSIDE MY WINDOW.

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