Ad : 1a.m. Academy Launch

1a.m. is launching the very own 1a.m. Academy, a place where talents are groomed to be at their best, where new ones are discovered, and taught by experienced facilitators, integrating the message of excellence, with full fledged facilities provided but at an affordable price.

1a.m. Academy is dedicated in bringing forth positive music that will revolutionize and impact the future of the music industry. Inspiring transformation that will surface a new standard of creativity that is set apart, creating tracks of opportunities for a new generation of people combined with creative elements.1a.m. Academy is officially launched in June 2008, introducing courses like Music Production, Church Sound Production and Play-By-Ear as well as our instrumental classes and vocal classes. Come and learn from the best, check out our amazing range of courses and instruments classes that is offered, either learning a new or just improving your skills, let them help you to be at your best!

Contact 1am Academy for more information!

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