My Zoom B1 Bass Effects

Yeay! At last. I bought my bass effects pedal last saturday. After doing few survey between few bass effects and my budgeting, finally i choose Zoom B1 for my RBX270!

Quite reasonable for me, that’s why i choose Zoom B1. The bass effect does not come with power adapter so i need to buy them separately. Altogether the bass effect pedal + the power adapter = RM280.

Zoom B1 Features:

  • Clear and solid bass sound (96 kHz sampling)
  • 13 different bass amp and stomp box modeling choices
  • 46 dedicated bass effects
  • Bass synthesizer
  • 40 preset patches reproduce the sound of the pros
  • User friendly interface
  • Integrated drum machine with PCM sound sources
  • Built-in auto-chromatic tuner for bass
  • Ultra low noise
  • Optional foot switch allows remote operation

Some review site said that this new B1 brings the speed of Zoom’s powerful ZFX-3 processor for low latency when changing effects. Yeah. I have tried few effects in it and hey, i loved it! The bass pedal makes me sound really good (although i’m not a pro bass player :P). Lot’s of fun and really cheap too! For the price, why not?

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  1. wah….hibat la dude! mesti gempak lah Grace Church & Gecko kelak..hehehe..God bless u.

    [Me : Bak kata pepatah, benar padah kitak…]

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