Gosh! The Internet!

Less Productivity. The internet connection at my work place now is VERY SLOW. Slow. Slow..

Like Gary the Snail

That’s the problem when your day-job depend 100% on the broadband. Nothing much can do now.

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  1. hye.. just wanna ask..since you’re like the ‘expert’ about this thingy..Which one’s better, maxis or celcom?
    thinking of taking one.
    or strymix (betul ka ejaan?…not sure)

    [Me : Some people said, Celcom better. Some said, Maxis. No idea. Depends where is your location, i guess. By the way, i use DiGi. Powered by EDGE.. not 3G. Coverage? Ok la… cannot expect too much for a 384kbps connection (best effort)]

  2. Ya, the location will be a ‘biggie’ kan.. But seriously the adverts about broadband are sooo misleading to the point where people actually believe since it’s mobile then you’re able to get connection ANYwhere. (okay, maybe it’s just me..lol)
    Currently using Maxis for work.. (note: not mine), sometimes the connection sucks.

    [Me: Marketing gimick, fren. Everybody is trying to be No.1. All we need to do is just choose which service to use and then put a blame on them if kalau kalau the service sucks.. Heheh.]

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