My Toy – The Centurions

My holiday in Kuching early last month was great. I attended a best friend’s wedding, I met few good friends: Charles, Vanessa, Quincy, Eyong and Jasmon, and also had a good time playing PS2 with my ex WWE partner : Mr. Kiko (his real name is Nicholas Issac).

This is Kiko, a big fan of Liverpool FC

Goshhh. I miss Kuching already. Ahaks.

Ok. This time, I’d like to show you my precioussssss toy which I kept for almost 21 years (read: twenty one). Yeah. Aha. It was my 1987’s Christmas present, from my 2 uncles (uncle joe & uncle tom)

Tadaaaaa..Here you are: The Centurions.

Max Ray (left) & Jack Rockwell (right) with their power suits.

They were actually 3 of them (The Centurions) but I only have 2 in my collection. The other one was Ace McCloud. Yes, just to let you know that The Centurions was one of my old time favourite cartoon after Mospeada & Macross. 😉

Max Ray’s

Jack Rockwells’

OK. Let me put on their “Assault Weapon System“.


They are ready to ROCK now. But before that, let me shoot them from the other angle.

Owh man. They’re just too cool for me….. Aweeeeeeeesome.

Alright.. Alright. I know I’m 28…so what’s the problem?

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  1. bro u wanna sell jake rockwell ka?would buy it 4 rm120?….

    [Me : So sorry. This toy too classic, plus got it as my christmas present. 😉 ]

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