The Updates

Heh. My first post for the month of August.

So sad. No social life this month, no movies, no KFC & no McD sessions. But i’m thankful for every breathe i take.

Week 1 :

  • Went back to Kuching for my best friend’s wedding and also for a family gathering.
  • Bought a new machine for myself – Acer Aspire PC M-Series.

Week 2 :

  • Preparing montage, design & stage setup for my church event.

Week 3 :

Week 4 :

  • Freelance work (webby, flyers, posters, friend’s wedding card)
  • Video editing

Week 5 :

That’s all! More updates coming soon. Stay tuned, guys.

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  1. Hola ! Wah wahhh…bz jek semenjak dua nih. Patut la i di tinggalkan…ahahahaha!

    [Me : Not only you. I even lupa to wash my scooter. See? How busy I am?]

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