It’s Fun

I was on MC for two weeks.  I was advised by the doctor not to stay out of the house during that period and i was like .. aiyoh. But it’s ok, for my own good.

My mum came all the way from Kuching to take care over me.. 😀 but too bad, only for 4 days. The remaining days i have to do my all of it by my own.. laundry and… do the cooking!

Not to say I don’t like to cook but, I seldom eat at home (except for mee sedaap). Yeah, once in the blue moon. No choice coz i need to survive so i started to “fully ultilized”  the food in the fridge and the cooking tools in the cabinet everyday after found out that cooking is actually FUN!

Chicken TomatoShould I name this “Chicken Tomato”?

Green Vege & Fish Balls in Soy SauseGreen Vege & Fishballs in Soy Sause (simply name it)

The taste? Owh man. I really enjoy these delicious  “custom made” receipe. Hahaha. Cayalah Andy!

Should I say more?Aftermath

Oh, eating is fun too!

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  1. Cip pandai jga ko masak owh..chicken tomato tu nampak sedap bah lapar trus sy

    [Me : Hahaha. Apa yang ada dalam peti sejuk, masuk saja. Jadilah ia satu recipe finger lickin’ gud.]

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