Just a lil’ bit unwell

I underwent an operation for a retinal detachment on my right eye last friday, that was 7th of  August 2009. The doctor and the Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital staff were both sympathetic and efficient and the procedure went smoothly although it’s quite an emergency case. God is so good.

Praise God.

UnwellOverdose. I dun even know how to pronounce HEADACHE. I pronounced it as HIJACK!

Just for info, I am now on 2 weeks MC(s). Thank God I have big family here in Shah Alam who are always there for me. To Pastors,  to all Grace Church members, to the Super Youth buddies and friends, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Thanks for the prayers. I have faith that everything will be fine. Nothing is Impossible.

Oh ya, thanks Jim for posting this.

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