5 Days and Still Counting

It’s been 5 days away from Facebook.  There were few friends of mine keep on asking when we met online and offline : “What happen to your FB account?”,  “I can’t find you in my friends list!”, “Did you remove me from your list? Why Why Why?” …………etc

Until today i got this SMS.


Yes. I’ve deactivated my FB account. Temporarily.


I spent a lot of time facing FB’s news feed everyday. No matter how busy i am, I still have time to comment others’ statuses, click and tag friends’ photos, watch videos posted on my wall and so on. Facebook is so CANGGIH mah.. Hahahah! Gosh. This time, I really need some space.

Since currently (read : now) I’m running out of time completing few freelance job after working hours especially at night, i guess by deactivating my FB can save a lot of my time even during my day job in the office. 🙂 Focus a bit.

That’s it. No hidden agenda, okay. I’ll be back. (macam la famous, ceh!)

However, you can follow me on twitter. I do tweet randomly 😉

Come, Follow Me.

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  1. with all respect, i support u.

    Im reducing my time on FB too…try to restrict myself fr mobile status update..hehehhe..

    too canggih ma!

    [Me : Thank you, buddy]

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