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I’ve just installed wordpress for Blackberry application, so now I’m going to post this entry via my phone!

Simple, light and easy. You can download this via Appworld. Hmmm.

Yeah, I’m a proud owner of BB. It rocks baybeh! Never be the same. 😉


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  1. 😛 !! so which telco ko choose?? celcom, maxis?? or digi?

    [Me : Aiyo.. Why Maxis and Why Celcom? Ahaks.. Of coz la i choose the Cute Yellow Man. Since 1998! Hehehehe..]

  2. if Blackberry, better Celcom lah

    1. Celcom hold largest Blackberry marketshare in Malaysia (52%), the rest 48% is Maxis+Digi.
    2. Celcom always the 1st to launch Blackberry new model
    3. Celcom expected to launch Blackberry Appworld in Malaysia this June (also the 1st in Malaysia)
    4. Celcom is the largest Blackberry seller in South East Asia
    5. Celcom offer widest 2G and 3G coverage in Malaysia
    6. Celcom is the first telco to launch Blackberry prepaid service in Malaysia
    7. Celcom also offer attractive BIS fee/rates.
    8. Celcom also offer very flexible postpaid plan.

  3. Hi holabola, it depends on the user. I sometimes believe in brand loyalty. Digi has served me well all this while. Yea, celcom got large market share compare to other telcos in malaysia… That one, already well informed. But it doesn’t mean others are bad.

    A good deal and attractive rates also reasons why I choose Blackberry by DiGi. Futhermore I’ve been with them for quite long time d. From prepaid converted to postpaid and now to BIS.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing! Cheers!

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