VOX amPlug for Bass

I am now in the midst of looking for a reliable amplifier for my baby RBX . I fact i just need a small and portable one. Not too expensive, of coz. Hmmm yea, i’m not going to bring that amp for a concert or what..  just for practise on my own .. err maybe while watching youtube?

Currently there are few amps in my list : Ibanez, Behringer and Vox, where the price is in the range of RM350 – RM500 (15 – 20watt) brand new, according to what i saw in Lelong.Com.My . HAHAHA.

But today, a friend of mine posted something similar on his Facebook album but more handy than i ever thought. Yea yea, it a VOX amPlug for BASS!

Uwaaah! This type of amp also got? I’m quite interested with the product features :

• Plugs directly into your guitar/ bass —a great-sounding headphone guitar amp that gives you serious sound fast.

• AUX in jack lets you jam along with your CD/MP3 player.

• 100% analog circuit faithfully simulates the response of the original amps.

• ‘Bass’ features a full-range bass sound with a compressor/boost effect.

• Up to 15 hours of battery life with two Alkaline AAA batteries.

• Quick and easy setup! Just connect amPlug to your guitar and enjoy serious sound.

This is more than a simple set up and yet it’s portable, right?!  It fits your gig bag lah wei.

The price? RM153. (source : http://www.ckmusic.com.my/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem=75 ) .

I think i’m gonna buy this amPlug this month and I’ll get a bigger amp right after i get my paycheck for previous web project. Ah, see how it goes.

Oh! This amPlug also available for lead guitar, accoustic guitar, etc and not only for bass. Cool eh?

Extra reading : http://www.voxamps.com/amplug/

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  1. great review… wanna try it soon how bout that? neway, set time larr we go jam together..!

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